Tema Smith is a crucial beacon of light in a dark world. Courage, brilliance, and kindness make up this absolutely stunning human being. A brilliant, incisive mind coupled with a compassionate heart whose every beat seeks justice, Tema’s presence in the Jewish community is indispensable.

At a time when cowardice reigns supreme, public shaming and other forms of cruelty are on the rise, and people clamor to achieve popularity by rushing to judge and condemn, Tema never allows anyone to think for her. She is a radical free thinker who insists on making up her own mind. Fiercely independent and a brilliant critical thinker, Tema is also brimming over with kindness. It’s an absolutely unique combination, one as rare as it is necessary for navigating 21st century life. As a Jew and as a human, I find myself wanting to be on the same side as Tema, no matter what side that is.