I work with Jewish organizations to explore barriers to participation for racially and ethnically diverse Jews and work to make our institutions represent the full diversity of the Jewish people.

Drawing inspiration from my background as the mixed-race daughter of a Polish/Russian Ashkenazi Jewish mother and a black Bahamian-American father, I teach in the community about race and Jewish identity, as well as write for Jewish media on questions of racial identity, inclusion, and diversity.

Additionally, I consult to Jewish organizations wishing to understand better how to include Jews of Colour in their offerings, and train Jewish professionals and volunteer leaders in Jewish diversity. I have acted as a consultant and as a trainer, conducting listening campaigns, educating on best practices, and conducting literature reviews.

My work in this area draws not only from our own Jewish tradition, but from anti-racism and intersectionality as critical practices and tools of analysis. I aim to bring together the richness of Jewish history and text with what we know about race. I strongly believe that Canada and the United States present different contexts that require different approaches, and I bring this into my work on both sides of the border.

I am a member of the Be’chol Lashon Speakers Bureau, available to speak about my personal experience growing up as a mixed-race Jew, as well as what it is like to work in the Jewish community as a racially mixed person.

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